Strategy Analysis International

Tailor-made services

A significant part of SAI’s activities are based on assisting companies expand their business towards international markets. Over its history, SAI has helped some 500 companies of various sizes select which markets to go after and how to find local partners in them.

Our services to private companies start from initial advice on whether and where to internationalize as well as proceed into more of a hands-on business development in Europe, North America and Asia.

Following are our main services for private companies:


International consulting

Is your company ready for international markets? Are you hesitating which market areas to approach? Are you satisfied with your present non-domestic business? What are the reasonable ambition levels abroad? We would be happy to discuss your starting points and present strategies alongside.


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Market validation and strategy formation

Are you about to implement a focused market entry strategy in Asia, Europe or North America? Would you like to get more information about selected market areas before choosing which ones to approach first? Our consultants would be happy to guide you in examining your options. Market research is good; determining your options is better. We will assist you with both.


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Search for commercial partners

The core focus of SAI is helping companies approach international markets or develop their existing business even further.  All our projects are tailored to each client’s particular situation — including those in our Multi-Client export development programs. In each case, the methods and objectives are oriented to your needs in the selected market. We have experienced such events in the past, which puts us in a position to avoid mistakes already encountered.

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International presence

Are certain countries difficult to approach without a local structure? Do you not have access to all the relevant information? Do you already have clients or prospects in a certain market and would like to create something of your own there? On reverse, you do not have the required time nor resources to assign yourself and would like to delegate a part of it? We offer you two options: 1) SAI will help you to create your subsidiary 2) SAI provides you with virtual presence in one of our six offices in Europe, North America or Asia. This includes local personalized phone number and redirection of client inquiries received.

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