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Business Opportunities in European EMS


Did you know that most new devices are made by companies using EMS?

If you’re not familiar with the term, EMS is short for Electronic Manufacturing
Services. These are contract manufacturers that churn out iPhones and such by the
thousands. Foxconn, (no, nothing to do with Fox News) is the world’s biggest
manufacturing employer. And there are thousands of anonymous EMS’s ready to make YOUR latest gizmo — if you’ve got thousands to sell, that is.

However, even if you’re still at the idea phase for a new thingy, it still needs lots of electronics to make it work as well as a bit of investment. It’s not enough to take your business plan to the investors; you’d better have a working prototype too if you
want to be taken seriously. And even if it works in the US, that’s no guarantee it will get past European type approvals.

Most EMS are interested only in producing thousands of your gizmos, so where can you get an EMS that is happy to build only a few working prototypes for testing and getting past the type approvals?

Try Promistel, a small French EMS 40 miles south of Paris. It has built a reputation around making prototypes for others. Lately, it has developed a platform for tags that serve as a network from one as small as 2 tags to one involving millions. The tags are tiny but the possibilities are endless: just tell them what you want your device to do and the platform, and they will make sure they’re all connected.

Now, all you need to do with the tags is turn them on to tap into a network that’s already working, tested and type-approved.

Now how about THAT for service?

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