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Finland one of the innovation leaders


During the current economic situation innovations are viewed as vital in the global competition. For this reason the European Commission investigates the innovation capability of the member states on a yearly basis and compares these with other countries. In the 2012 listing Finland was positioned in the EU top 4 with Sweden, Germany and Denmark.

Finnish knowhow is especially in the knowledge intensive industries; the Finnish exports of services in the knowledge intensive industries was the highest in the EU in 2012. In addition the networking of innovative small and medium sized enterprises has been growing relatively fast. One of the key strengths of the Finnish system is the state support for innovative companies in the form of various financing options and supports.

However, the leading innovation countries of EU are far behind Switzerland, which has been the global innovation leader for many years. In addition South Korea, USA and Japan are ahead of EU in innovation, although EU has managed to narrow the gap between USA and Japan. EU keeps struggling with business R&D expenditures, public-private co-publications and patents.

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SAI has concluded an exclusive partnership agreement with BNP Trade Development.


This agreement aims at assisting French and Belgian SMEs develop their business the the Nordic area.

European Business Development Program


Next launch scheduled in September 2015, contact Petteri Hilska of SAI Finland for more details..

European Business Development Program


Program started on March 18, 2015 with five companies. The target countries are Germany, Sweden and France.

Finnish Fashion goes to Hong Kong


Ten Finnish fashion brands interested to expand to the Chinese markets.

November 13, 2014 – Small Company. Big World. The Case for SME Internationalization – workshop


Workshop for companies starting or thinking about starting their international operations in Helsinki.