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UNDP project for the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Turkey


Within the scope of an EC-funded technical assistance project implemented by the UNDP, SAI’s Montreal office has been awarded a project to address regional disparities in Turkey. The objective is to contribute to social stability and economic development in Southeast Anatolia. More specifically, the project will identify strategic sectors for the Sanliurfa Organized Industrial Zone and establish an operating environment here for the enterprises where enterprises can operate competitively.

The province has a high potential for development. Its strategic location with easy access to Middle East markets, an international cargo airport, the largest of its kind in Turkey, and conventional factor endowments such as land and labor makes the province relatively well off. In particular, apart from agriculture, access to renewable energy sources may serve as a foundation for the development of the region, as underlined in the recently launched “Competitiveness Agenda for the GAP Region(1)”.

The Project is expected to produce the following results:

• An Integrated Industrial Development Plan for Sanliurfa,
• Promotion of the investment opportunities in the second Organized Industrial Zone,
• Establishment of a competitive and transparent selection process for investors in the second Zone,
• Development of the capacity of local enterprises, and
• Development of the capacity of local and national institutions.


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